Found throughout the island are a series of audio recordings left by the island's architect. They can be found in any order; some of them contain important information, while others are merely musings of the man who created the world.

Known recordings

  • There’s no way you remember this, but you chose to come here of your own free will.
  • On this island, where you and I meet through the medium of these puzzles, we are doing a wonderful thing. This is an experience that nobody anytime earlier in the history of humanity was privileged to have. There is magic here - something fundamentally worthwhile.
  • I could have done anything with my life, but somehow I ended up designing puzzles, including these here on this island. You could be doing anything with your life, but somehow you ended up here, solving these puzzles.
  • Suppose this project cost several million dollars. Do the math on how large an impact that money could have had. This very structure you’re walking around in, these puzzles you’ve been working your way through, are the result of my willful blindness to the suffering of others. Yes, I come from a culture of decadent, selfish people - I am immersed in all that - but that is no excuse.