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For puzzle hints and solutions, see Caves (Walkthrough).

The Caves are an area in The Witness. The challenge cave system is a secret area meant to truly test your knowledge and skills you learned throughout the game in the most rigorous way. There can be no exact solution for completing The Challenge as it involves random elements, but hints on how to get there, solutions for the panels that lock the area, and general directions for how to complete the challenge can be found here.

You may have noticed while you were playing the game some tunnels, walkways. and well-hidden doors you can't percievably access upon a thourough search of the island.

Walkway above theater and door to the left when the windmill tunnel splits:

2016-02-03 00032.jpg
2016-02-03 00031.jpg

Door in the wall of the mining building:

2016-02-03 00030.jpg

Just after you finish the swamp laser:

2016-02-03 00039.jpg
2016-02-03 00037.jpg
2016-02-03 00038.jpg

And this somewhat hidden path down the side of the river area:

2016-02-03 00033.jpg
2016-02-03 00034.jpg
2016-02-03 00035.jpg
2016-02-03 00036.jpg

All these are exits, walkways, or doors that can be unlocked from the inside after discovering the cave areas.

What You Need[]

  • All lasers must be on and aimed at the top
  • You must understand every puzzle type
  • You must understand puzzle type combinations and variants
  • You must be proficient at solving puzzles (and fast)

Briefcase Vault[]

In order to get this briefcase you need to beat the game.
Once you have done so you can go to the bottom of the mountain to try The Challenge, otherwise known as the music box puzzle.The reward to completing this challenge is the 4th video solution as well as the platinum trophy on the ps4.

Audio Logs[]

Lower Cavern


As you enter the caves under the mountains, you'll soon encounter a large cavern. At the far end of the lower portion you'll find a tunnel glowing with blue light, with some rails on the ground. The tape lies at the end of those rails, just before some rocks.

Cavern Stairs


As you explore the cavern, you'll find a room with puzzles on the floor, each centered with poles. Once past that room, you'll find some stairs leading to the upper portion of the cavern. As you start climbing the stairs, look at your right to find the tape.

Upper Cavern


You'll eventually reach the uppermost portion of the cavern, which contains two alcoves, with green and orange tiles of puzzles respectively. The tape is hidden under some planks located between the two alcoves.

Swamp Shorcut


Head to the upper side of the cavern elevator. There's nearby a double shortcut that leads to the swamp area. Climb up the stairs, on your left you'll soon see a small tree. Check down the roots to find another tape.

Challenge Area


As you enter the area with the music box, you'll see in the water two lights with a sharp-shaped rock between them. The tape lies hidden on top of the rock.

Town Shortcut


Once past the challenge area, you'll eventually find a passage overlooking the windmill theatre. Walk past it and you'll reach an intersection. Take the left path to reach a shortcut leading to the town. The final room before leaving the caves has a wagon, look under it to find another tape.

Seventh Box Room


The final audio log is located in the room with the seventh box, the one that contains the code to lock again the entry area's gate. Just look under the box to find the log.

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