The Witness Wiki

Alternate Ending[]

When the sun is directly behind the end of the white pole on the Entry Area's courtyard gate, the player can click on the sun and solve it as if it was an environmental puzzle. This turns the gate into a house. Wandering deep enough into the house triggers an alternate ending.

The Secret Sandcastle[]

Braid EE.jpg

If you've entered the Glass Factory, you may have noticed a number of sand piles near the back of the workshop. At the far end is a hastily made and crumbling sandcastle. This sandcastle is actually a reference to the art from Braid - Jonathan Blow's other critically acclaimed game.

The Dog Witness[]

Dog 1.jpg
Dog 2.jpg

To solve this canine conundrum, travel to the island's town, which is down the road and to the right of the Entry Area. Once at the town, head down to the water's edge and head back in the general direction of the Entry Area until you find a small path along the rocks. The path leads to a dead-end, but just behind the bush you can find a statue (or frozen remains?) of a small dog on a tiny pillow.

Perspective Easter Eggs[]

The Witness is full of many strange and mystical secrets, some of which are built into the island itself. Often times something may look odd from one angle, but come together somewhere else to form something amazing. These Easter Eggs can be found all across the island in the most unlikely of places.

Symmetry Island Koi Fish[]


The waters of Symmetry Island are known for being incredibly reflective. So reflective in fact, that at first glance the appear to be home to the island's only living creatures - a pair of Koi fish. At closer glance, it becomes apparent these fish are in fact reflections of the twisted tree roots jutting out of the rock from the red trees above.

Symmetry Island Siren[]

20160313205717 1.jpg

If you go around Symmetry Island by boat, you will notice the statue of a hawk-footed woman on the rocks. Her hair is beautifully red though - and continues along the rocks behind her!

Lady in Waiting[]

Perspective tree.jpg
Prespective Tree2.jpg

In the Shady Trees area, you can find an odd looking tree branch with some cloth draped over it. Its branches almost give the quality of hands reaching out. As it happens, the sun is shining on it through a gap in the castle wall, creating a beautiful shadow art of a lady reclining against a wall onto the giant stone behind the tree.

Symmetry Person in Prayer[]


When on the docks at the far end of the Tree House area, you can take a turn to an end of the boardwalk that looks out across the bay at the large rocks and mountain beyond. However if you look closely along the water's edge - you can find that the rocks take shape to form a perfect symmetrical image of a person kneeling with their hands out in prayer.


Dove Silhouette .png

Just behind the Symmetry Person in Prayer 's head there are some trees that make out the silhouette of a dove.

A Helping Hand[]

Swamp EasterEgg.jpg

You may have seen the figure carved into the mountain with her hand outstretched, but what is she reaching for? With a little perspective the answer becomes clear. Head down to the dock at the Color Swamp to find a statue on top of a broken cage with her arm reaching down. You can look up to see them holding hands.


2016-01-29 00057.jpg

When in the Tree House area, you may notice the blackened tree that looks as if it was burned. When you rotate your view, the tree looks to be ablaze by its own leaves, the fire started by a figure atop the tree using a rod.

Cloud Tree[]

2016-01-29 00042.jpg

When in the very first vault, the center of attention will obviously be your first briefcase and the strange puzzle solution-looking paper you find inside. However if you take a moment to look up in the right position, you'll see this little piece: a tree with a cloud for leaves.

Stick Bugs[]

2016-02-03 00009.jpg
2016-02-03 00011.jpg
2016-02-03 00010.jpg

Little bug figures made of twigs appear to be crawling in and around the bush on the edge of the Desert area.

The Watcher[]

2016-02-03 00002.jpg

When in the bottom of the factory from the Quarry, if you feel like someone is watching you, it's probably because there is...

The Angel's Wings and the Crown and Sceptre[]

Shot 2016.03.12 time 18 57 n03.png

In the Quarry, two birds statues perched on the catwalk's railing in the main building cast this heavenly shadow.  When the player stands in just the right spot in the window, the combined shadow creates the impression of an angel.

Shot 2016.03.12 time 18 57 n04.png

In the other window, the shadow can be aligned to resemble a monarch holding a sceptre and wearing a crown.

The Grail[]


On the Peninsula, a man is reaching for the grail. His shadow is holding it already.

Tree in Arch[]

Shot 2016.11.03 time 11 16 n06.png

On Symmetry Island, there is a reflection of a tree that can be seen to fit perfectly within an arch of rock.

Tree Temple Angel[]

2016-02-22 00015.jpg
2016-02-22 00016.jpg

By looking out a series of holes in the side of the Tree Temple towards the laser plinth, you can see the evolution of a woman into an angel.

Tree Temple Boat[]

By looking through a bush towards the Tree Temple laser plinth, you can see a long boat.

Tree Temple Drowning Man[]

2016-02-27 00017.jpg

A shadow cutout reveals a drowning man on the laser plinth of the Tree Temple.

The Juggler[]

2016-02-27 00011.jpg

In the Village, there is a statue of a man with his arms stretched out to the sky. Its shadow reveals its true profession - a juggler!

Thimbleweed reflections[]

20160314165324 1.jpg

Near the Desert Ruins, a metal plate shows reflections of the flower next to it when the sun shines on it.



Near the river between the River Obelisk and the Jungle some rocks look like a turtle.

Figure in the spilt bucket[]

Shot 2016.11.03 time 09 28 n03.png

On the Fortress wall, a spilt bucket forms a human figure. Just a little creepy...

Crocodile in the Swamp[]

Shot 2016.11.04 time 11 43 n13.png

Down the first set of stairs in the Swamp (the red room), there is what looks to be a crocodile.

Ascent of Man in Quarry[]

The shadows of the statues in the Quarry form the common ape to man transition.


Ending Arch[]


During the ending in the elevator, the last white border fades away exactly when its shape matches the arch on top of the mountain.