Island map

There are many parts to the island, all compacted together to allow for a minimum of travel time. Each has its own set of puzzles to solve. Much of the island is available from the start, allowing players to explore in whatever order they wish.

First room


The beginning room.


Early rendering of the initial building.

The first room is relatively simple in nature. A long, dark hallway leads to what appears to be a spartan living space, with an exit, multiple windows, and a single blue panel puzzle. Solving this will open the door. An additional small series of puzzles completes the introduction to the whole process, opening up the final door into a garden and the remainder of the island.


Presumably this is where the game culminates. Atop the highest peak sits a structure surrounded by a force field. Completing each cluster of puzzles will fire a laser at the field until, after five (of the seven possible) the field will drop.