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For puzzle hints and solutions, see Jungle (Walkthrough).

The Jungle is an area in The Witness. This area's puzzles revolve around sound. The Jungle is one of the smaller locations in The Witness, located at the base of the mountain. It encompasses both the mossy woodland near the beach, where you first gain access to the boat, and a dense bamboo forest that houses this area's laser.

A unique puzzle type not broadly used elsewhere on the island may make the Jungle particularly difficult for some players. Luckily, it's also very short. You can find hints for the Jungle and all solutions below. There are also a few Environmental Puzzles (lines you trace) here, which can be found on the River Obelisk page.

Before you begin, you should know...[]

Puzzle Types Present[]

  • Environmental clues
  • Hexagon dots

What Areas Should You Do First?[]

Main Path[]

Completing the sequence of puzzles along the main path will cause a wall to pop up. More puzzles are located on the opposite side of the wall on the upper path.

Upper Path[]

Completing the sequence of puzzles along the wall will power the switch that activates the laser, located within the bamboo forest.

Discarded Panels[]

Log Bridge[]

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There are two ways to reach this panel. The first way is to take the path in the Jungle from the Monastery up to the obelisk. Halfway up the stairs to the obelisk take a detour to the right. You should see a small path obscured by the plants. Follow it to reach a red panel. Directly across from that panel is a ramp made of black rocks. Go up these rocks to get to the log bridge where the discarded panel is. Alternatively, you can find a grey rock trail with yellow mold on both sides from the Jungle Beach to go up. From there it is a straight path to the discarded panel.

Audio Logs[]

Entrance Path (1)[]

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From the Monastery entrance you can make a right to go to the entrance of the Jungle. However, before you enter take a careful look at the rocks along the sides of the path. You'll find an audio tape on the left...

Entrance Path (2)[]

210970 screenshots 2016-01-31 00024.jpg

...and on the right as well! Both audio tapes are sitting in the entrance to the Jungle on the path that will take you to the Monastery Obelisk. What luck!

Laser Area[]


Go to the jungle laser and approach the opening overlooking the mountain. You'll find another tape on top of a rock.



Go to the beach next to the jungle, where you can find the boat. You'll find another tape hidden between some small rocks.

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