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The Jungle is a puzzle area in The Witness.

Jungle Hints[]

Sound-based puzzles make the Jungle difficult for the tone-deaf and hard of hearing to complete. If you need solutions, scroll down to Jungle Solutions.

  • Hint 1: Line Graph: Think of the first three puzzles like drawing a line graph according to the sounds you hear playing in the background.
  • Hint 2: Right Pitch: The sequence of puzzles on the raised barrier uses the same logic as the dot-collecting puzzles elsewhere on the island, but think about what the different sized dots mean in relation to the sounds playing.
  • Hint 3: Too much noise!: Not every sound you hear pertains to the current puzzle. You may hear some notes from a previous one that you need to ignore.
Spoiler warning! The screenshots below contain solutions for every puzzle in the area.

Jungle Solutions[]

Jungle 1.jpg

These puzzles have you drawing line graphs to reflect the order of pitches heard in the background. If a sound is high then low, like this, you'll draw the line up, then down.

Jungle 2.jpg

The second puzzle in this sequence introduces middle pitches. Apply the same logic here. If the sound plays two high pitches, a low pitch, then a medium pitch, as is the case above, then you'd draw a line up across the top for two blocks, then all the way down to the bottom of the grid, then halfway back up down the middle of the puzzle, to the end.

Jungle 3.jpg

Once you've completed the three introductory puzzles, follow the path back down, near where the giant tree is. A new line of puzzles will have lit up.

Jungle 4.jpg
Jungle puzzle additional.PNG

These ones are trickier with all the random background noise that plays to try to throw you off. Once you solve these, a panel should have lit up that lets you raise an area of the floor around where the bamboo forest begins.

Jungle 5.jpg

This sequence contains hexagon dots, sized according to their pitch. Low pitches are depicted as larger dots, while higher pitches are small dots, and in-between pitches are medium sized. Here you need to draw a line that will connect all the dots before reaching the end point in the order of the pitches that play.

Solving this lights up the control panel for the Jungle area's laser, buried in the dense bamboo forest. Follow the pink cable to the bamboo forest, and then just hug the left wall of the maze to the laser.