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The Orchard is a puzzle area in The Witness.

Orchard Hints[]

  • Hint 1: Trees: Look at the apple tree near the maze panel. Notice that it's got the same branching paths?
  • Hint 2: Branches: There's only one apple hanging from one particular branch on each tree.
  • Hint 3: Perspective: Some of the apple trees are twisted and need to be viewed from different angles to translate into a 2D layout.
  • Hint 4: The Right Angle: If you're having trouble finding the right way to look at each tree, notice how some of the branches are broken, and the way that's reflected in the corresponding maze panel.
  • Hint 5: Fruit Thief: No apple? Sometimes the solution to a puzzle takes a bit of detective work. Explore your surroundings and remember to follow the wires if you get stuck!
  • Hint 6: Powering Down: Panels in this area power down if the solution you input is incorrect. Remember how you activated the panel in the first place and try again.
Spoiler warning! The screenshots below contain solutions for every puzzle in the area.

Orchard Solutions[]

The first area of The Witness has a rather easy observational puzzle. When you first enter the meadow, you'll notice some trees that each having fruit hanging from a branch. The green boxes on posts have outlines of those trees, and you will have to draw a link from the beginning of the tree to where the fruit is on each box, as such:

Follow the pink lines after each puzzle, and eventually you will move up a hill and into the next area, the Water House.

Cherry Blossoms 1.jpg

Remember that solving panels lights up wires that activates nearby panels. Follow this one to the second puzzle in the Orchard.

Cherry Blossoms 2.jpg

If you input an incorrect solution, panels in this area shut down. You'll need to return to the panel before it and solve it again to re-activate the next one again.

Cherry Blossoms 3.jpg
Cherry Blossoms 4.jpg

The last tree doesn't have an apple. Comparing the tree with the panel reveals it's missing a branch. Inspection of the nearby fenced area show the missing branch with the apple, revealing the answer to the last puzzle is the missing branch.

Cherry Blossoms 5.jpg