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The Peninsula is located south of the Monastery and west of the Jungle.

Audio Logs[]

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On the Jungle's beach you'll find the Peninsula. Walk along the paths until you find a path that will take you to the center of the peninsula. You'll see some steps, a small building, and a statue inside. Instead of going in, look to your right. On the top of the wall will be your next audio log.


O Lord God, helper of those who seek you,

I see you in the garden of paradise,
and I do not know what I see,
because I see nothing visible.

I know this alone
that I know that I do not know what I see
and that I can never know.

I do not know how to name you,
because I do not know what you are.

Should anyone tell me
that you are named by this or that name,
by the fact that one gives a name
I know that it is not your name.

For the wall beyond which I see you
is the limit of every mode of signification by names.

Should anyone express any concept
by which you could be conceived,
I know that this concept is not a concept of you,
for every concept finds its boundary
at the wall of paradise.

Should anyone express any likeness
and say that you ought to be conceived according to it,
I know in the same way that this is not a likeness of you.

So too if anyone, wishing to furnish the means
by which you might be understood,
should set forth an understanding of you,
one is still far removed from you.

For the highest wall separates you from all these
and secludes you from everything that can be said or thought,
because you are absolute from all the things
that can fall within any concept.

- Nicholas of Cusa, 1453

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