When playing The Witness, it can sometimes be helpful to draw out different solutions before committing, especially if the game makes it difficult to see the entire puzzle on the screen at once (or a clue is located elsewhere).

Here are a few different sized templates that can be used for square puzzles. The dashed circles around the edges can be drawn in to mark where the start and end points are. The dashed lines within the puzzle can be drawn in if the puzzle has breaks or blocks.

Given the wide variety of puzzle modifiers (squares, stars, etc) that can appear within each block , there are no drawing guides for those. These can be drawn in by hand in the space provided.

Each template is formatted to fit on an 8 x 11 1/2 page. A PNG version is shown as a preview for each but the PDF should be downloaded for the highest quality.

Small Template

3x3 blocks

Witness Template S
Download PDF: File:Witness Template S.pdf

Medium Template

4x4 blocks

Witness Template M
Download PDF: File:Witness Template M.pdf

Large Template

5x5 blocks

Witness Template L
Download PDF: File:Witness Template L.pdf

Extra Large Template

6x6 blocks

Witness Template XL
Download PDF: File:Witness Template XL.pdf