All puzzles in the game are based on paths through 2D mazes. The first few puzzles in the game train the player on the path-finding used throughout the game. As the game progresses, the basic puzzle types are often combined in more complex puzzles, which require all the strategies for each individual type.

Light and Dark Squares

These puzzles contain light and dark squares. Solving them requires the player to group the light and dark squares using their path, so that no light squares are in the same section as the dark. 


Puzzles containing dots along paths require the player to trace over every dot, as they path to the end point.




Squares Within Squares

These puzzles contain Tetris-esque shapes of squares within the puzzle grid. Solving them involves grouping the shapes of the smaller squares with the path through the grid. Shapes can be grouped together also, as long as both smaller shapes are within the larger one.


Star puzzles contain stars, or sunbursts, inside the puzzle grid squares. To solve them, stars must be grouped in pairs of two by the maze path.