Early mock-up of simple puzzle panels

Aside from the beautifully rendered landscapes and the island itself, puzzles are the core of the game. They come in a variety of shapes and forms, driving the player forward into the deepening mystery with each completion.

The game started in development with approximately 200+ puzzles and has grown quickly. It is expected there will be over 500 to solve by release. Puzzles start out as very simple, then progress into more complex riddles, each one building on the previous. Players learn from the easier puzzles and apply that knowledge to later ones.

Players may be overwhelmed with the sheer number there are to complete, but some can be skipped with no repercussions. There will be seven groups of puzzles players can complete, but only five are necessary to complete the game; each successful completion fires a laser at the highest peak on the island, eventually removing its force field.

Generally speaking, the lines used in the simpler puzzles will turn green when entered correctly, and red if not.



Simple puzzle panel

There are a variety of puzzles in the game, all completed with the simple panel, but which require different methods to deduce the answer:

  • Puzzles that unlock: an early example seen at PAX is one in which the player has to figure out how to unlock a door, working with elements in the environment to electrify three tubes
  • Audio: listen for audio clues in the environment
  • "Boss" puzzles: presumably these would unlock additional areas, and it's helpful to solve the smaller puzzles before attempting these; combines several elements at once
  • Color panels: some puzzles require the player to look with a variety of color panels before the proper route can be seen
  • Mazes: progress through a maze, then draw the path