The shipwreck is accesable from the Keep. If you walk through to the back of the keep past the floor mazes towards the left tower you'll find a doorway. The doorway leads to a hole in the wall with a metal walkway leading to the shipwreck.

Discarded Panels


Head to the largest hole in the Shipwreck and you'll find this discarded panel inside.

Briefcase Vault

TheIMG 0178.JPG
TheIMG 0179.JPG

The next vault is aboard the Shipwreck. Make your way to the back of the ship towards the cabin and go down the stairs, there you will find the vault door.

Audio Logs


Go to the wrecked ship behind the keep, and get inside the elevated cabin at the far of the ship. Check next to one of the broken control panels to find another tape.

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