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#REDIRECT [[Orchard (Walkthrough)]]
| types = Observational puzzle
| elements = None
| number = TBD
''For puzzle hints and solutions, see [[Orchard (Walkthrough)]].''
The '''Orchard''' is an [[Map|area]] in The Witness. The '''Orchard''' is a patch of bright pink cherry blossom trees just past the '''[[Entry Area]]''' and across from '''[[Symmetry Island]]'''. The puzzles in this area are unique, shaped like trees rather than the usual grids you'll see in most parts of The Witness.
The puzzles here are among the earliest that introduce the role of the environment in solving panels.
Before you begin, you should know...
=== Puzzle Elements present<br/> ===
*Environmental clues
Head over to our '''[[Puzzle Elements]]''' page for everything you need to know about the various puzzle rules in The Witness.
=== What areas should you do first?<br/> ===
You can easily complete the '''Orchard&nbsp;'''with no prior knowledge of other areas in The Witness.


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