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For puzzle hints and solutions, see Swamp (Walkthrough).

The Swamp is an area in The Witness. This area introduces blocks. It can be identified by its sections of colorful water. This guide will reveal every tile solution for each section of the Swamp level.



To enter the Swamp section of the island, go to the Keep in the middle of the island and make your way east. The Puzzles will be fairly straightforward until the last half of the puzzle before the Laser. There are also a few Environmental Puzzles here -- look for them in the River Obelisk section.

Before you begin, you should know...[]

Puzzle types present[]

  • Tetris blocks

Head over to our Puzzle Types page for everything you need to know about the various puzzle rules in The Witness.

What areas should you do first?[]

  • N/A

You can complete the Swamp with no prior knowledge of other areas in The Witness.

Audio Logs[]



As you take the boat from the swamp heading south towards the jungle, you'll notice on the west side as you approach the bunker a crashed boat near a rock. Stop the boat and examine the rock to see the tape.



Anchor the boat in the swamp and you'll see an intersection with three scaffoldings. Take the right scaffolding to find a rocky path. Follow it until you encounter an area overlooking the Tree House. You'll find there another tape on top of a rock.

Underwater Lair


Head to the rotating tram and use it to reach the purple platform. Enter the underwater lair there and you'll find inside another tape located behind a crystal box.

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