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For puzzle hints and solutions, see Treehouse (Walkthrough).

The Treehouse is an area in The Witness. This area introduces stars. Most puzzles in this area are located on panels that form bridges upon solving them.


To enter the Treehouse section of the island, take the boat from the beach and pick the eastern-most location.

Before you begin, you should know...[]

Puzzle types present[]

  • Stars
  • Hexagon dots
  • Black and white squares
  • Multicolored squares
  • Tetris blocks

Head over to our Puzzle Types page for everything you need to know about the various puzzle rules in The Witness.

What areas should you do first?[]

Yellow Bridge[]

The yellow bridge is the first and most basic path. It introduces the basic mechanics of stars.

Purple Bridge[]

The first purple bridge uses both hexagons and stars, and leads to the second purple bridge. The second purple bridge uses both colored squares and stars.

Green Bridge[]

The green bridge uses stars and blocks.

Orange Bridge[]

The right-side orange bridge only uses stars, while the left-side orange bridge uses both colored squares and stars. Certain puzzles in the orange bridges have multiple exits, which changes the direction in which the bridges unfold.


The switch that opens the door to the building containing the laser is on a timer, meaning a bridge must be built from the switch to the building. Once the building is successfully entered, the area's laser can be activated.

Discarded Panels[]

Burned-Out House[]

Left 9.png
Swamp Panel1 1P1.jpg
Swamp Panel1 1P2.jpg

To get this discarded panel, begin building the yellow path of puzzle panels that leads towards the laser for this area. When you get to a puzzle with multiple solutions (namely the 9th one), follow the image above to end up going straight, leading the panels to a path going left to overlook a burned out house, and a panel at the edge.

Green Bridge[]

Swamp Panel2.jpg

This other discarded panel is located across from another puzzle panel bridge made up of green panels. Just keep going straight - and be sure to answer the multiple answer panel with an ending point leading towards the small house.

Audio Logs[]


Swamp Tape.jpg

As you take the boat to the Tree House Dock, look for a small rock jutting out nearby. You'll only be able to spot the tape from one side, so be quick or make sure the boat isn't going fast in order to catch it.



Head to the Tree House dock. Starting from the boat anchoring place, look for the part of the dock overlooking the shipwreck. You'll find another tape on a corner.

Green Bridge[]

210970 screenshots 2016-02-08 00004.jpg

In the Tree House you'll notice that there is a bridge made up of green panels that is superfluous. You'll need to complete the bridge in order to get your audio log. When you reach the panel that lets you choose the direction, have the bridge extend to the right. This will take you to a side platform where you'll be able to see the log up in an unreachable portion of the Tree House.



Head to the keep and take the path that leads underneath the Tree House. As you approach the shipwreck, you'll find a shore with some gray rocks. You'll find another tape on one of them.

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