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    Interviews and resources

    February 24, 2013 by Raylan13

    Here is a collection of interviews, resources, and reviews from those lucky enough to play early releases of the game:

    • Kotaku, September 2010
    The pace of the game seems to be that of a gradual dawning. You stroll in first-person view. You look at beautiful or intriguing things – a windmill in the distance, a figure that look like a man or a statue of one – and you approach. There appears, in so many places, puzzling things. You ponder them. You try to solve them.
    • Joystiq, August 2011
    As I explored, the concept of "just line puzzles" expanded enormously. While blue panels with line puzzles are as deep as the puzzles go, the ways in which you solve said puzzles changes dramatically from area to area.
    • GameSpot
    ...each area, from the dry stony ruins…

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